Monday, September 5, 2016

Hey everyone! Wow, I can't believe my last post was in 2014. Well, we've had a lot going on since then and I haven't been able to keep up. I spent about a year and a half away from my bench helping out with some family stuff, but now I am back! We are currently in Eastern Pennsylvania and have been here since Christmas of last year. I've had some time to reflect and get myself back on track. I've been slowly adding items back in my Etsy shop and Evan has been slowly building inside the bus. It's starting to feel more like a home, he's amazing! I will try to get some more updates on the bus build soon, but for now enjoy this photo I took of the amazing campground we have been staying all summer. It has been PARADISE! It is not only beautiful, but also filled with generous and fun loving people. We are going to miss them dearly when we head back to the west coast for the winter. If you are on Instagram I have been posting pictures. You can find me under artbywinona and winonaphotography. That's all for now, thanks for reading!