Monday, October 27, 2014


Here we are with our second update.  We are moving right along with the bus remodel and have made some real progress.  We decided to just take out the shower and the rest of the wall structures that were previously built and start from scratch.  There will be a completely new design to accommodate our needs.  Three of the five windows have been put in and it's starting to look like home.  There have been some real good rains storms the last few weeks which has actually been a blessing because we have discovered some leaks.  The two fans in the ceiling were poorly installed and has caused some water damage.  So thank you to the Rain Gods!

The timeline for our bus project has been cut down considerably because of Evan's full time job offer. Alas, our funds have also run short.  We would like to have the bus fully running to go by the end of December.  If you like our project and would like to donate to our cause we have set up a Go Fund Me account.  I plan on making artistic gifts for anyone who donates big or small.  You can check it out here:

And of course I have more pictures!  Take a gander and enjoy :-)

Evan removed the old windows and cut out new spots for the new windows.  Here, he is welding in some extra supports where the windows will go.

I got a chance to practice some of my welding.  Maybe I'll get in on some of the welding on the other windows :-)

I cleaned up the windows real nice and got them ready to install.  These came from Evan's 1972 camper he had.  He took it apart a while back because it had so much water damage.  I love that we get to reuse them in the 1972 bus, a match made in heaven.

A nice view of before the windows are installed.  The fan above is what Evan is working on now.  The ceiling panel had a bunch of water damage on the other side.

TA DA!  Aren't they pretty? 


  1. Very cool! It's going to be fun watching the progress on the bus:)